Theme Talk@ apsptp – Std. II

The “Theme Talk” programme was conducted at Aditya School, Pithapuram for 2nd Class in an incredible manner. the students worked out a topic “Food for us – My neighbourhood” in a different mode and dimension. They explained and acted the part of differences between healthy diet and adverse effects of junk foods. They also enacted various roles in their neighbourhood such as Doctor, Traffic Police, fireman etc. The Parents were jubilant to feel the experience and they came up with their opinions. The Principal (Sri. T. Ramesh) felt in seventh heaven regarding the entire event and appreciated all the teachers for their extended co-operation.

DSCN5405 DSCN5407 DSCN5409 DSCN5411 DSCN5414 DSCN5416 DSCN5419 DSCN5427 DSCN5437 DSCN5445 DSCN5447 DSCN5455 DSCN5472 DSCN5491 DSCN5492 DSCN5506 DSCN5511 DSCN5523 DSCN5524 DSCN5525 DSCN5539 DSCN5545 DSCN5551 DSCN5965DSCN5553 DSCN5556 DSCN5560 DSCN5562 DSCN5568 DSCN5570 DSCN5571 DSCN5576 DSCN5581 DSCN5585 DSCN5590 DSCN5607 DSCN5609 DSCN5635 DSCN5645 DSCN5649 DSCN5653 DSCN5665 DSCN5667 DSCN5676

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