Blooming buds cheered up on their significant day @ Aditya School, G. Mamidada

Aditya encouraged all the Adityans to participate in many activities conducted in connection with this Children’s Day for a whole week. The attempt to bring the innate talent of children into limelight was fruitful. Primary children engaged in different play games and proved themselves best in each and every activity. On other had high school children’s Kho-Kho, kabadi for boys and Tennikoit, throw ball for girls went on so exciting and thrilled till the last moment.

On the eve of Children’s Day all the children gathered for the morning assembly. Teachers played student’s role in the assembly and vice versa. Teachers gave quick answers for the assembly activity questions like thought of the day, word of the day etc. Next to it fancy dress competition for LKG and UKG blossoms was an eye feast to all the viewers. After a small break at 10 o’clock it continued by primary children’s skits and dance performances. Later it was the turn of high school children’s performance that filled the gathering in lots of joy, fun and happiness.

The precious moment of the celebrations, the formal event took place by 3:30PM. Chief guest Dr. T. Siva Prasad Reddy B.D.S (Ram Lakshman multi-specialty dental hospital, G.Mamidada) honoured the meeting. The meeting preceded by the holy rituals prayer, lighting the lamp, paying tribute to Sri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Principal Mr.V.Rajesh gave his opening remarks including an inspiring message to the young scholars that each of the children has individual talent in doing multiple things besides education. Every one is powerful in doing something and we keep on trying to bring out that individual talent into limelight through Aditya.

Chief Guest Dr. T. Siva Prasad Reddy B.D.S addressed the students saying, “The motto of thinking that brings all the changes in one’s life. What you desire is what you become.”

The winning spirits were boosted up awarding prizes for all the activities both for primary and high school. Finally the programme ended up by our National Anthem

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