Science doesn’t need experience and experiments, but the ability to motivate and innovate our thinking. This is given in abundance to our students of Aditya School, srinagar through science day celebrations. Aditya srinagar observes February as the month of science. Many science related  speeches about the Indian Scientists and the world famous Raman Effect were given by the students through out the month. Many Science competitions  were conducted on Digi Board in connection with National Science Day 2017.  Smt. M. Ramani, Principal, Aditya School, Srinagar inaugurated the occasion and expressed the view that knowledge is only attained through exploration, which is basic principle of  science. Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy, vice Principal  opined that observing the Science day is necessary to improve scientific interest in students.  Director Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy distributed certificates to the winners of Science Day Competitions. She appreciated and congratulated the Principal, Staff & the Students on their tremendous success of the Science Day celebrations and conveyed Science Day Greetings to the Department of Science.
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