The Theme Talk with the Concept ‘ Kadha-Kadamabam Iridescent show of narrations, Stories,riddles, skits,role models and songs.The little champs dressed in brightly coloured Costumes depicting animals mesmerize the audience with their dance drama.The Role Models of Prahaladudu, Sravana Kumarudu and Nehru were Presented well.Bed time stories of grannies and “Ikamatyame Mahabalam” Carried a message of unity. Health Consciouness about the ill effects of Junk food were also presented.The little geniuses proved their Mathematical skills in Abacus.

































                                                     II CLASS 

‘Unity In Diversity’ being the theme of IIstd students was a varietable show with information of 19 states of our country. Importance of the State highlighting its Culture and tradition, Dance forms, ‘Milesur Mera Tumhara’ regaled the spectators. The flavours of traditional food items like Pulihara, Bobbatlu, Pootharekulu etc attracted the audience.Message oriented skit related to India and Pakistans, Life skills on Courtsies & Abacus diligently Presented.


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