Cheers to medalists @apsamp2

We are delighted to announce that our students endowed with a mark of winning medals in SOF English Olympiad and Indian Talent Olympiad

SOF IEO-2017

Name of the student           Class                 Awards-Won

  1. Sruthi Harshini             I-Floras          Gift worth Rs.1000+Medal of Distinction
  2. Jijnas Sai Srinand          I-Laurels             Medal of Distinction
  3. Koumari                           I-Floras              Gold Medal
  4. Guna Satya Vamsi          I-Floras               Silver Medal
  5. Jitendra Rama Swamy    I-Laurels            Bronze Medal
  6. Maneesh                        III-Orchids           Gold Medal
  7. Joshika                          III-Orchids           Gold Medal
  8. Vindhya                         III-Orchids           Silver Medal
  9. Tahera                           III-Orchids           Bronze Medal



NSIT-INDIAN TALENT       Name of The Student    Class                     Qualified for Second Round

  1. Y.Sruthi Harshini                  I-Floras                                  Selected
  2. V. Vaishnavi Karthik            I-Floras                                   Selected
  3.  D.Pradeep                         V-Pearls                                   Selected

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