Theme talk presentation by Class IV and VII students @ APSGMD on 8-1-2018

Our students performed theme talk presentation about the topics “Traffic Education” and “Electricity”. In the morning session Class IV students presented the topic “Traffic Education”. Different modes of transport, their rules and regulations, the importance of driving license, vehicle registration process, necessary precautionary steps that should be followed for our happy journey were explained in detail. Complete information about the duties of Traffic Police was informative. Live demonstration of helmet and its uses were spectacular. Speaking on this occasion Principal Mr. V.Rajesh said that theme talk is a wonderful opportunity for children to prove their communication skills and develop their presentation skills. In the afternoon session class VII students presented their topic “Electricity”. They expressed about the role of electricity in our daily life, consumption of power by efficient bulbs and home appliances in detail. Also the measures to save the electricity were elaborated and gave clear picture to the spectators.  Parents were delighted to see their children’s performance and shared their valuable feedback. At the last participation certificates were given to all the participants by the parents.


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