The New 10th classes for the academic year 2018-19 have been started auspiciously in Aditya, Srinagar on 24.04.18. Students offered invocation to Goddess Saraswathi by chanting saraswathi slokas with the guidance of the school principal Smt. M. Ramani and the Telugu Teacher Sri Phaneendra Srinivas. After the benediction the students were taught brief introduction of Ramayana in good prospects  which is a part of their Telugu Supplementary Reader. Keeping in the view of the present drastically changing education patterns class 10th has been started  early to implement all the necessary plans comfortably in order to achieve the  desirable target in the public examination. The school Principal Smt. M. Ramani has motivated the students towards their studies through her inspiring  speech.  Director Smt N. Shruthi Reddy, the special invitee of the program, conveyed her best wishes to the students. Vice principal Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy and the 10th handling teachers also blessed the students heartfully to complete the final year of their schooling successfully.



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