5th September of 2018 snatched many memorable moments in the Teacher’s day celebrations held in Aidtya, Srinagar campus.The Director of Aditya Educational Institutions Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy was the chief guest of these celebrations. In connection with teachers day many competitions were conducted for teachers under the able guidance of the principal Smt. M. Ramani and coordinated by the vice principal Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy. All the teachers enjoyed through out the day in great merriment.A delicious lunch was arranged for all the teaching and non-teaching staff by the school principal Smt. M. Ramani & Vice Principal Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy. In this connection the students of  Bhaskara (X) Groups are specially appreciated for the heartfelt felicitation program which was arranged by them to the teachers of class X as well as the senior most members of Aditya personnel. Teachers honoured on this occasion blessed the children, and wished them all the best for their future endeavors. Later prizes were distributed to the winners of different competitions by Director Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy she also presented teachers day gifts to all the teachers.

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