Edifying  Minds THEME TALK for the Academic Year 2018, got completed with class IV (Tulips & Orchids ) The theme being  is PLASTIC A BOON OR  BANE? –  was initiated with the introductions of Plastic- “Once considered a wonder material and a boon for man but now a curse for the environment and future generation”. The kids explained effectively the Merits  and  Perils of plastic which is becoming a serious threat to the Blue Planet  in multiple modes of expressions. Parents were spellbound to the fine execution and illustrations  presented by the smart minds- on the  degrade of earth and water, flora and fauna and the latest ecological & health threats  posed by micro plastics used in cosmetics, personal care products etc.  Significance and also the Mantras to battle plastic – Reduce,Reuse,Recycle, were well demonstrated. Exhibits of traditional methods of using earthen pots , leafy cups & baskets, paper & cloth bags, crafty works with paper,short videos  and slogans on the urgent need to work towards a plastic-free world fascinated the spectators.  On this note, Tremendous response was captivated  when  WOW Project  – Victory by the ADITYA GROUP OF EDUCATIONAL  INSITUTIONS was shown to the parents through PPT presentation.

The students received huge appreciation from the Parents for awakening them and for throwing light on the underlying issues that are of great concern in today’s world. They conveyed gratitude to ADITYA SCHOOLS  for thriving confidence and imbibing the skills of communication  among their children .Keeping in view of the theme Paper Bags were gifted along with appreciation certificates to the students.

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