As a part of the second spell of  the “Theme Talk”  IX C students  (Hiranya Garbha Group)  of Aditya School, Srinagar have presented their topic  Indian Armed Forces  in an impressive and laudable manner. They have explained how the Indian army acts like an armor to the nation. They paid rich tributes and homage to the departed soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country. In addition to this  VII Std students (ARKA 3) have presented their topic The Story of Electricity. The IV Std Students (POOSHA 2) gave a marvelous presentation on the given topic Computers are ubiquitary. The  UKG (BHANU 4) Children presented their topic Our Animal Friends  in a very impressive way. The parents who witnessed these myriad presentations  of The Theme Talk have appreciated the young talents and the effort of their teachers behind it. They also appreciated the School Principal Smt. M. Ramani for choosing such useful topics for the theme talk to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the students.

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