National Mathematics day glorified@Apsgmd

On 22-12-2018 the birth anniversary celebrations of Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan, the great Indain Mathematician, were started in the morning assembly with the garlanding to the portrait of Ramanujan by Principal Sir. In this occasion students gave an account of Ramanujan and glorified mathematics as the queen of all the sciences. Class 2 students regaled with a number rhyme. Maths head Gopal sir instructed the students to {+} add friends, {-} subtract enemies, {X} multiply happiness. He said that Maths is the head of the knowledge. Mr. Rashid said that Maths is the easiest subject if one practices its basics well. Inhis inspirational speech Principal Mr. V.Rajesh advised the students to drive away the fear and set an interest on the subject. Prizes were distributed to the winners in various competitions like Abacus, Vivekananda Mandal Level talent test. Morning session was closed with an excellent Mathematics exhibition, in which splendid students made models were displayed again, in the afternoon it started with a quiz program. All the students from four clubs participated enthusiastically. Finally Surya club has won this competition.

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