Jubilant illustrations have been shared at the show Theme Talk by Std. VIII, highlighted the theme “Women Empowerment”. The students expressed the views about women who excelled in the society with their deeds. The children shared the stage with the life histories of various women and how they succeeded in the contemporary world. Self respect, bravery, confidence and overcome the adversities etc…. of the women clearly exhibited in a talkative way with crystal clear expressions. The need of power to women, rights, comforts have been shared by the thoughtful students. They explained about Medha Patkar, Mother Teresa, Sudha chandran, Chanda kochar, Meera bhai, Malala, Savitri etc and inspired the parents. The parents opined that they got benefitted with the informative message and would encourage women folk in all aspects for the empowerment of women. Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani sensitized the need of women empowerment in the society and tuned them towards the advantages of women education which keeps them all in a dignified position. Eventually she appreciated all students for their courageous effort and gifted the parents with plants which enlightened the theme eco environment.


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