Traditions and Customs Vs Science the Theme Talk topic for VIIstd students Created awareness about the scientific basis and health benefits of certain rituals followed by us. It also clearly criticised some of the behind beliefs like baseless superstitions. Introduction about importance of Indian tradition, Om,Gayatri Mantra, Temple Bells, Visiting temples, Positive and negative thoughts were interesting. Uses of some herbs like Turmeric, Tulasi and Ayurvedic Medicines, Yoga were impressive. Certain rituals like Charan sparsa or touching the feet, mehandi, Kumkum, throwing coins in river sitting on the floor, eating in banana leaf and other food habits were thought provoking, why we should start a meal with spice and end with sweet were well explained. The significance of architectural marvels like Konark, Ashok Pillar etc, were superbly presented. Thought provoking skits, mime about Unity in Diversity, P.E Dance attracted the audience.
The Principal appreciated the efforts in presenting the scientific explanation of our rituals and traditions and said that we should preserve our culture and heritage for future generation.
Theme Talk received immense positive response from the parents. They felt that innate talents of the students are brought out and given an excellent platform to express themselves.

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