National Voters Day @ APSNSP

Elections are the backbone of Democracy because they represent people’s participation in the State affairs through voting.

Voting, therefore, give us an idea of the Politics of that area including the political development.

In this context the concept of voting has much significance in a country like India with diverse features.

Citizens need to have awareness on the need to vote as not just a right but a responsibility.

In connection with this here at Aditya School, Narsapur, National Voter’s Day was observed on January 25th and various events were held to create awareness in the students on Voting and its importance.

Students of class IX explained the concepts of Democracy, Elections, Voting and Governance.

Students of Class VI to IX participated in Essay Writing on the topic “Transformation of Citizens is essential for Transformation of a Nation” and presented their veiws in a splendid way.

Students of classes VI to IX actively took part in debate on the topic “Role of present Government on the future of India” and it was a heated yet cordial discussion.

Mock polling station was set up and students of class IV to X participated in mock elections with a demo Electronic Voting Machine.

Principal Sri. A N S S K Prasad spoke on the significance of elections and urged the students to explain their parents the same. He also asked them to ensure their parent are voting at the time of elections.

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