70th Republic day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at our school, jagannaickpur on 26 January 2019. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to upholding the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is ‘India ‘. The patriotic fervor warmed up the day as the teachers, parents and children at the school enthusiastically gathered to share the National integrity. The choir group presented the song of Jawans, Mera bharath mahan hain. The whole school joined the choir and the song reverberated in the surroundings. It was followed by beautiful patriotic medleys by High school and primary students. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding. Prizes were distributed to the victorious students who excelled in various competitions conducted in connection with Republic day. Principal Smt. B. Supraja Rani enthralled the audience with inspirational talk and reiterated the need for being resolute in our path to achieve our goal. She filled Nations integrity and patriotism in every student and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians.  Our X class children exuberantly participated at parade grounds, showed their love and affection towards mother india in the form of dance performance and bagged consolation prize in the  presence of honourable District collector and Superintendent of police. School Director Smt. N. Shruthi Reddy madam appreciated the students and showered greetings on young adityans.

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