Theme talk presentations@Apsgmd

Our students of class I to IX performed Theme talk presentations about different topics during the past four days. Many interesting and trending topics were presented in a coherent way. Starting with Natural disasters by Class V, Traffic Education by Class IV, Electricity and Electronics by Class VIII & IX boys, Fruits and their benefits by Class I, India and its challenges & Amazing places in the world by Class VII, Indian states and their culture by Class III, Blood and its functions by Class VIII & IX girls, Role of plants by Class II and finally Our Earth, our Planet by Class VI students. The place was completely decorated with the properties related to each topic before the presentation and prepared the spectaculars to experience different atmosphere. The Students of all classes presented their topics magnificently. Few highlights during the presentations were – BP, Blood group and sugar level tests were arranged and parents availed the opportunity as a part of “Blood and its functions” presentation. Models of automatic street lighting and door alarm system during “Electricity and Electronics” presentation, Different states attire was brilliantly exposed by the students with colorful dresses as a part of “Indian states and their culture”. Fruit salad was distributed to the parents as a part of “Fruits and their benefits”.  Parents were delighted to see their children’s performance and shared their valuable feedback. At the end of each theme talk presentation, Children were encouraged with participation certificates by Principal Mr. V.Rajesh and their parents.


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