World Cancer Day is an international day marked on February 4th to rise awareness about cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. 

An awareness program on ‘CANCER was organized at Aditya Degree College, Kakinada. The President of the function Sri B.E.V.L Naidu addressed the gathering and stated that ‘CANCER has become a dreadful disease these days and the people are being affected by it only due to lack of awareness. He gave a call to the students to know the mechanism of the disease and to create awareness in the society so that the disease can be prevented. He also stated that he believes in the statement PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. The Chief Guest of the program Dr.Addala Satyanarayana, Founder, Sri Satya Super Specialty Dental Hospital explained the students how it affects the human and gave them necessary precautions that should be followed in order to prevent it in the earlier stages. He advised not to eat junk food, synthetic foods and the fried ones but to have the food that consists of anti-oxidants in abundance. He also suggested them to be away from the radiations which cause different kinds of Cancers.

Sri N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman; Sri N.Krishna Deepak Reddy, Secretary; Aditya Educational Institutions, Sri B.E.V.L Naidu, Academic Co-ordinator, Aditya Degree & P.G.Courses, Sri Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, Vice-Principal, thanked Dr.Addala Satyanarayana for creating an awareness on ‘CANCER. NSS program officers Sri T.Tejeswararao, Sri L.Diwakararao and students participated in this program. 






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