Science Day Celebrations were conducted with four days of diverse activities related to various fields & aspects of science. Students were given themes to Present Projects.Informative write ups, speeches, Snippets, Lexicon, Contrivance were given. Explorer of Young Prober of the day with an introduction to famous Scientists, Inventions and discoveries, science Phenomenon in our daily life were educative. Brain Teasers, Puzzles & Experiments, Working models attracted everyones attention.
Skits on Environmental issues highlighted the need to Save our Natural Resources and were a hit with the audience.
Quiz Programmes were conducted at Junior and Senior levels with Preliminary and Final Rounds. Intelligent Observation,Innovative and thought Provoking ideas with fantastic experiments amazed the students.
Skits like Plastic Bhootam, Water crises, All for one and one for all on Balance in nature & Protection of animals, Save non-renewable resources, Sorrow of sparrow were message oriented & thought provoking songs & Poems on nature and sustainable development sustained interest on the need for protection & conservation.





        DAY – 1 ACTIVITY














            DAY – 2 ACTIVITY








          DAY – 3 ACTIVITY







































                                                        DAY – 4 ACTIVITY































































The Principal appreciated the efforts of the students and the science department and said that scientific interest & temperament should be inculcated in students as part of teaching & develop students interest of observation, experimentation to nature budding scientists.

The celebrations were stellar with sparkling ideas from bubbly young scientists of our campus exhibiting skills in fantabulous show.

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