The Farewell Party of class 10th has been celebrated amidst the feelings of apprehensiveness and cheerfulness on March 12th 2019. The School Principal Smt. M. Ramani conveyed her best wishes to the outgoing batch for their grand success in ensuing public examinations. Director Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy expressed her hope that the present 10th class students will break the record of their seniors by achieving more 10 grade points. Later the senior faculty members showered their blessings on the out going batch with their golden words. The love and affection of the 10th class students towards their co students, teachers and the entire school has been clearly seen when the tears rolled down from their eyes as they could not digest the fact that they are leaving the school  for their further studies. As a mark of their remembrance the out going batch of class 10th has donated some valuable books to the school library. The farewell ended with a nice treat offered by the students of class 9th for the seniors. The whole program was nicely coordinated by the teachers of Hiranya Garbha Group.


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