Teachers’ of various departments of Aditya Group of Schools (Srinagar, Jagannaikpur, Pithapuram, G Mamidada, Amalapuram, Amalapuram IIT ) were fully engaged in the *GET-SET-GO* programme in Aditya educational institutions(Public School) Srinagar for the ensuing academic year 2019-20. Experienced resource persons from various places attended the classes to equip the faculty members with tips and techniques in teaching methodology. All the teachers were actively participated in the workshop sessions under the supervision of the Principals of different schools of the Aditya group. A conclusion and review meeting was held on 21st may 2019 for all the high school teachers. Director of Aditya Group of Schools Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy presided over the meeting and reviews on different subjects were consolidated by Smt.M.Ramani Principal of Aditya School, Srinagar. At the outset the Director appreciated the teamwork of 10th handling teachers for their success in the SSC public examination 2019. She also said that the relentless efforts and guidelines of the Principals of the schools concerned made the impossible possible with all categories of children related to different standards. She distributed the prizes to the teachers who actively participated in the orientation session. Teachers from different schools (Sri.A.G.R.Pantulu – Srinagar, Smt. Vibashini – Srinagar, Srinagar. G.Lakshmi Prasad – Srinagar, Smt. Veermani- Srinaga, Sri. Rambabu -Pithapuram,  Sri. Mohan Das – Jagannaikpur, Sri.Rasheed – G.Mamidada , Sri. Muralikrishna- Amalapuram)  spoke on the occasion and shared their experiences in the workshop. Finally, all the high school staff members thanked the management for such type of unique programmes. Principals of all the branches :

  •  Smt. M.Ramani of srinagar
  • Smt. Supraja Rani of Jagannaikpur
  • Smt. Jaya Lakshmi  of Amalapuram
  • Smt. Lakshmi of Amalapuram IIT
  • Sri. T. Ramesh of Pithapuram
  • SRI. V.Rajesh of G. Mamidada

         given suggestions to the teachers.


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