World’s Yoga Day Celebrations @ Aditya, Pithapuram.

Pithapuram, 21st June, 2019:                                                                                                      “Yoga; A form of meditation and disciplined life”

The students of Aditya Pithapuram school celebrated the international yoga day with great enthusiasm and zeal. A special programme conducted to the students of classes LKG to IX which comprised different yogasanas in co-ordination of social department with the help of physical education department. The various benefits of yoga for school children are enumerated, along with demonstrations (by students of LKG to IX) of various asanas like Surya namaskar, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Dandasana, Gomukhasana etc., which are beneficial for students to overcome stress, stiffness, anxiety, joint pains,  improve concentration levels and combat obesity.

The programme is concluded with pranayama being performed by all the students.

The whole programme is good guided and well framed by the beloved Principal Smt. Sudha Rani and monitored by Vice Principal Smt. S. Rajani Devi.

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