National Doctors Day is celebrated on July 1st on the birth and death anniversary of the most famous physician of India Dr.BIDHAN CHANDAR ROY. The students of Aditya School@apsamp2 presented the significance of Doctors Day in thematic expressions and  gave illustrations of varied branches in medicines.  

Think Green!! Live Green!!

Aditya school@ apsamp2,observed Van Mahotsav week, (from 1st July-6th July) in the campus.

The students of class V & VI initiated the programme with the significance of  Van Mahotsava‘ festival of trees , a beautiful initiative to save the environment, to which we owe a lot. As we are bestowed by our mother earth for many precious gifts nourishing our lives, Motivation to Save trees and plant more trees in the surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among people as well as to reduce deforestation and cut down of trees were apprised by the students . The notion to Save trees ,how important it is to spread social awareness now-a-days have been included in the student’s life through the study. Steps of Conservation, planting a large number of saplings crosswise over India in perception of Van Mahotsav week have been enlightened to the students. The strongest slogan on the closing day of the week long Green Program was the Mindfulness campaign to spare mother earth.The need of plant life for existence was performed by the students through dramatic& thematic expressions,  plants and its scientific names, quick & easy home remedies with medicinal plants, and discussed  the survival problems of flora and fauna due to deforestation. The staff and students attired themselves in green went on for a Walk of Hope – raising slogans, “Lend a Hand To Save Trees”, “Stop Plastic to Save Planet”, “Plant a tree Add a friend in your Life”,  “ఇంటీంటా మొక్కలు నాటుదాం- ఊరంతా పచ్చదనం నింపుదాంThe program aimed at purposeful and thoughtful messages on Conserving Nature, Recycle of 3R’S , Say no to Plastic. Children joined hands in planting saplings in the school premises.

Primary Principal K.LAKSHMIDEVI, conveyed the students about the alarming situation of the earth and it’s high time to take a step in Conserving our Mother Earth. She also suggested the students to plant a sapling every year on their birthdays. Human beings are considered as the most intelligent creature on the earth, so we should understand our responsibility towards the nature and start saving trees, the green gold of earth. She advised the students to be always active and open our eyes regarding existence of the earth. One should not involve in cutting trees and always oppose deforestation and forests. We should always participate in the tree plantation activities especially in the human crowded and polluted areas.

DAY – 1 :




DAY- 5 :

DAY – 6 :

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