Vana Mahotsav Celebrations@Apsgmd

We are delighted to share that we have observed Vana Mahotsav Week from 1st July 2019 to 6th July 2019. As a part of these celebrations, during this week every day in the assembly children presented speeches and performed skits about the role of plants and trees in our daily life. Few children were even inspired and gifted plants to the school. In connection to this few co-curricular activities were conducted in the school and children participated energetically. Also our students took up an enlightening rally in the public to create awareness about the adverse effects of cutting trees. The rally was started by the Principal. Speaking on this occasion Principal Mr. V.Rajesh quoted that everybody should take the responsibility of planting a tree for our better future. The students distributed trees to the residents of G.Mamidada & Biccavoolu and explained about the hazard that is being affected to the environment without trees. Public appreciated the children and the school for their voluntary campaign. Finally certificates were issued to the children who performed well in the co-curricular activities.


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