Mathematics stands as the King of Sciences. In Mathematics PIE which is represented as “π”   with the value 22/7 plays a major role in evaluating the Mathematical problems. So the PIE day was celebrated grandly on 22nd July under the behest of NSS teams in collaboration with the faculty and the students of the Mathematics department. The Academic Director Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu participated in the celebrations. The students of NSS had drew a large PIE symbol on the college play ground with attractive colors and arranged themselves as a human chain around it. The same celebrations were celebrated on 14th March in Northern countries as they write the month first and the date next representing the value 3.14 of the PIE in decimals. The HOD of the department of Mathematics Sri U.Mallikharjunarao, stated that PIE plays an important role in Mathematics to analyze the radius and the diameter of the given circle and the research on it is still being made by the scientists. Sri N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman; Sri N.Krishna Deepak Reddy, Secretary, Aditya Educational Institutions,  Sri B.E.V.L Naidu, Academic Director, Aditya Degree & P.G.Courses; Sri Ch.V.V.Satyanarayana, Vice-Principal, Aditya Degree College;  Sri U.Mallikarjunarao, HOD, Department of Mathematics, NSS Program officers Sri T.Tejeswararao, Sri L.Diwakararao appreciated the students and the NSS volunteers for their intelligible work.

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