Srikrishna Janmashtami has been celebrated in a traditional way in the school campus of Aditya, Palakol on 23.8.2019. The students from all classes have participated in traditional attires with great exhilaration and devotion. As a part of the celebrations, Utti an earthen pot filled with water and flowers – was arranged really high from the ground. The participants tried to hit the Utti when it was lowered. On the other side, some students splashed water on the faces to confront them. This game created a lot of fun among the students. Many other programmes made the students enchanting. Particularly chanting of 34 slokas at one stretch from Bhaghavadgeetha by 4th class students mesmerized the audience. Similarly, the dance performances which reflect the Lord Krishna Leelas along with Gopikas by 6th ,7th,8th and 9th class students left an imprint in the minds of the viewers. On the same line, 2 students of 8th class disguised themselves as Srikrishna and Aajuna played the episode of Jnana Yoga in which Srikrishna preaches and motivates Arjuna towards the battle of Kurukshetra enthralled the audience. Last but not least, the student of class 6th delivered the dialogues of Duryodhana in support of Karna fascinated everyone.

          While flagging off the celebrations, the Director, Shri S.V.Raghava Reddy reminded that this festival is celebrated to mark the  birthday of Lord Krishna who restored ‘Dharma’ in times when his uncle Kamsa was making lives of people miserable. The principal, N.Ayyapa Raju said that the festival of Janmastami encourages good will and dissuade malice.




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