A Step towards Healthy Society @apsjkp

A Health Awareness program was organized at our school jkpur for high school students. Mr.Srinivas Health Supervisor, Kakinada municipality created awareness among students regarding Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue and different viral fevers in a scientific, Illustrative way. He explained the ill effects of Mosquito bite, how parasite enters our body, how it damages body organs, name of the disease and its connected mosquito or virus. He inculcated healthy measures in students and suggested not to drink stagnated water and avoid usage of stagnated water where mosquito larva improves more. Eventually children were advised to keep their surroundings clean and make every ‘Friday’ as ‘Dry day’ for better hygienic environment to avoid viral fevers and other diseases. Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani reflected that ‘health is wealth’, to make it come true she motivated the children,  it’s high time students changed the attitudes and take a step ahead to establish healthy society. 

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