Investiture Ceremony @apsnsp

“Leaders are the role models who inspire the followers and motivate them to reach the pinnacle of success.”

Strongly believing this idea of creating leaders Aditya School, Narsapuram inducted a new system called the student council.
23rd day of August was an enthralling day for Adityans at Narsapur, as ‘Investiture Ceremony’ was held amidst a jubilant crowd, cheering up their elected leaders who were marching towards the dias with immense gratification.
Principal Mr.A.N.S.S.K.Prasad pinned the badges to the members of students council. In his speech he ascertained that the quality of leadership is very essential for growing up into ideal citizens as it is a combo pack of several desirable qualities. He also stated that it inculcates a sense of responsibility and enables a student to march towards perfection. Amidst the fragrance of this ceremonial euphoria, the newly elected members took oath of abiding by their responsibilities and delivering to the best of their abilities. Teachers congratulated them and wished them all the good luck. The ceremony ended them National Anthem.

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