Mathmagician, Man of Majesty, Jewel of maths Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan’s birth anniversary i.e National Mathematics day is celebrated in our school in a joyful and magical  manner. Children showed graditude, love and affection in the form of speech, interaction and illustrate the significance of maths in daily life. Interview with Ramanujan ‘Face to Face’ through Aditya channel made the gathering to feel as if Ramanujan came alive to our school and shared his opinion. G.Harini Std.VIII and Azeem Std.IX brought the lively presence of Ramanujan, which admired everyone at the premises. Our teachers Nithisha and Ratnamadhuri paved the importance,   need of vedic maths & Abacus to make calculations handier in academics.

            The chief Guest Sri.Thotakura Sai Rama Krishna garu Head Master,  Municipal High school, Samalkot, Who is a National Best teacher Awardee, Ganitavadhani and Math magician spent his valuble time with our children. They were given math ‘matricks’, tips, logical, fun challenging tasks and many more innovative methods in maths. The entire episode made children feel happy and confident. Department of Maths, in the presence of Principal, felicitated the Legendary mathematician Sai RamaKrishna garu with love and affection.

            All the maths teachers got the opportunity to have token of gratitude from the chief guest. Principal Smt.B.Supraja Rani reflected, on this occasion “Mathematics is pure it does not rust or decay. It only needs  your thought to make it work”. She showered Maths day greetings and advised them, Practice maths till they get perfection. Eventually the event left an immemorable impression in every one.

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