MATHEMATICS DAY is celebrated @ apsamp2 to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of the Mathematical Genius Srinivasa Ramanujan’ s ,Dec 22nd .It’s a tribute to the remarkable originality and power of Ramanujan ‘s genius.   The program started with a floral homage to the portrait of Ramanujan .The autobiographyof Mr. Srinivas was the introduction . Information and value of Daily Math in daily life, Tricky maths, Crisscross methods of multiplication, usage of measurements , easy- learn tables and the dance of shapes enthralled the spectators . In connection to the Maths Day celebrations  Logic Maths Test was held to class 5 & 6 . The winners of the test were given certificates and prizes by the Primary Principal. Smart mind certificates were also given to students who participated actively in spot questions related to Maths. Later Primary Principal spoke on the occasion that  Maths should be considered as one of the subject of life but not just to academics. Pratice makes man Perfect must become a habit by persistent instruction to the students who fear numbers.

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