A NSS Special camp had been organized by NSS volunteers of both I and II units of Aditya Degree College at Komaragiri, Nagampeta and Anandanagaram Villages. Speaking on the occasion Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu, asked all the villagers to participate in the one week awareness camp and support the students. The President of this program, Headmaster of Zilla Parishad School, Komaragiri, Sri.D.Vaadapalli said that he was glad that the students of Aditya had become the part in the development of  the Komaragiri Panchayat along with the State Developmental activities. He expressed his wish that the role of NSS students of Aditya would be crucial and beneficial in imparting more developmental activities. He also appreciated the students for having specified the necessary recommendations for the development of the villages. The Special Guest, Sri Kotagiri Satyambabu, an elderly citizen in Komaragiri, appreciated the work of NSS volunteers who had come to the villages to organize several awareness activities both in regard with Education and Medicine. He also extended his gratitude to the management of Aditya and stated that the Villagers would definitely extend their helping hand and cooperation in making the camp success. Sri.N.Gurumurthy, Rayudurambabu, D.Chantibabu, Nani, R.Srinivas, M.Somaraju participated in this program.  The NSS program Coordinator of Adikavi Nannaya University Dr.B.Kejiarani; Dr.N.Sesha Reddy, the Chairman of Aditya Educational Institutions; Secretary Sri N.Krishna Deepak Reddy appreciated all the NSS volunteers for organizing NSS special service camp. The NSS program officers, Sri.T.Tejeswararao, Sri L.Diwakararao, High School Teachers, Local Village Administrators, Villagers and NSS Volunteers participated.


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