Awareness program on 31st Road Safety week was organized at Aditya Degree College, Kakinada, under the behest of NSS, in collaboration with Transport Authority, realizing the fact that change can only happen with the youngsters, from 18th -24th  of this month. The President of the program Dr.B.E.V.L Naidu stated that the future and the development of the Nation rely in the hands of the youth. Today’s Youngsters are the building blocks of tomorrow society but such youngsters, prone to fast driving in craziness were being met with the accidents very often which is leading to the death of the future feather. So he gave a call to the youngsters to follow the rules and the safety measures imparted by the Government, while driving, to have a safe life. He also thanked the Transport authority for organizing the program in the college. The Chief Guest of the program G.V.Narasimharao, Checking Inspector of Motor Vehicles explained the students about the importance and the necessity of Road Safety week and its implementation in the society. These days, the deaths that are occurring because of accidents are more when compared to the deaths that are occurring to dreadful diseases. The Guest of Honor of the program P.Muralikrishna Reddy, Traffic C.I stated that it is mandatory for each and every individual, above 18 years, to have a license and insurance for the vehicle. He also informed the students that they should not drive over speed or over take or in a Zigzag fashion on the roads. A drive without a helmet and a seat belt is unsafe. So he gave a call to the students to use helmets and the seat belts and explained them about Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS). Motor Vehicle Inspector R.Rajendra Prasad stated that the citizens have to be aware of Road Safety measures and be responsible while driving. Later, Assistant MVI, Sabitha Devi stated that  contra – venting the traffic rules is mere an offence and such cases should be viewed seriously in order to save lives. S.I.E.Narasimhamurthy; Assistant MVI Jagadeesh and Srikanth; NSS program officer Sri T.Tejeswararao and the students participated in this program.

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