Science is having a major influence on our day to day life. Technology has made life simpler and easier. India has contributed to the scientific world from the ancient period itself. Now too our scientists are making it possible to be powerful with the technological up gradations in all related fields. In India, the National Science Day (NSD) is celebrated on 28th February. The day is observed every year to commemorate the discovery of the ‘Raman Effect’ by Sir C.V. Raman on 28 February 1928. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for the same. Science Week is also observed along with the National Science Day. In this connection National Science Day was celebrated in our school in a grand manner.

Biography of Raman was presented and importance of Science in our daily life was well explained by science teachers and students. Speaking on this occasion Principal Mr. V.Rajesh quoted that children should develope a scientific fervour to contribute in the growth of Science and technology. The Significance of Science through few experiments and activities received good response. Later all the science teachers were presented with a token of gratitude by Principal.


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