Global Warming @ Aditya


Theme: Save our mother Earth

Due to Global Warming, Ozone layer has been being damaged. So it affects our planet Earth. Our team presents this concept on  Rangoli.





Theme: Go Green

Now-a-days “Global Warming” is the most dangerous threat. It leads to the direct attack of UV rays on Earth. Some Electronic gadgets, refrigerators and shaving creams also  emit chloro fluoro carbons leading to the depletion of Ozone layer. So every human being must plant a tree and should participate in “ Go Green” program. So everyone should take an active part on “Save Earth” Program





Concept is Save the Earth:

Now-a-days Global warming is in peak stage. So, we use to reduce the temperature, it is  possible we can save the earth. In order to reduce the present temperature because consumption is very less.

Trees are more important for the Earth. So we drew a  globe on the leaf it indicates the  greenery.  The globe contains Polar: – Caps; greenery and water not only green but also we have to save blue also. So we divided into three parts. Main motto is spread green and save  the Earth.


Theme: Say Yes to Reforestation and avoid Deforestation!!

By cutting trees , We are setting fire to the earth by ourselves. We used so many colors  to do it at first we drawn some.    Ozone layer was reducing due to fewer plants. We should plant trees; we should also support the farmers.





Theme: Plant a tree to secure our planet.

Our Theme is entirely different because we have brought all the major problems that are affecting earth.

They are, 1 Usage of polythene, 2 Industrialization, 3 Deforestation, 4 Burning of tyres So,  we tried to bring out all the problems in a single art. Our Major aim is to increase the   plantation, that’s why we made it a model of tree.  Ozone layer was reducing due to fewer plants.  We should plant trees; we should also support the farmers.



    Theme: Save Earth

S – Save, A – A, V – Very important thing in this, E – Ever green life

E – Every human, A – Are, R – Really great, T – To, H – Have ever green life in this ever green earth.


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