A child is not a vase to be filled but a fire to be lit’

This is what we believe preach and practice.

Apart from the meticulously chalked out academic plan and its implantation through our resourceful personnel we follow the these for all round development of our students.

A grand gathering of inquisitive minds:
Day wise happenings, news & information, thought sharing, provoking event along with prayer, pledge National song, anthem and sacred slokas.

Co-curricular activities:
For the integral development of the students. Under the able guidance of PET all the students are given opportunities to play any games and sports of their choice. Talented students are also sent to participate in sports, games and athletics at zonal, district, state and at national levels.

Extra curricular activities:
To develop creativity, expression, writing skills, communication skill, language skills and prohibit stage fear different activities like clebates, elocutions, essay writing painting & drawing semiars, fairs melas etc are conducted period wise.

Inter school competition:
To cultivate a sense of belongingness, friendship and interaction among our students we organize with other school’s students in KKD. Many competitions like talent tests, open quiz group sining etc. in connection with national festivals.

Intra Aditya rewards:
To exhibit the latest talent of our students subject wise clubs are instituted and the best presenter is rewarded.

Holiday activities:
‘Recreation through creation’ in the sole purpose of behind these activities. Many interesting projects will be given to the students during terminal breaks to enhance their learning abilities.

Wall Magazines:
Basing on the importance / significance of that particular day wall magazine in maintained under three captions. Do you Know? ; Spot Light ;

Flash – Flash Interaction with parents:
Month wise Teacher Parent Interaction sessions are being conducted to give report on the academic progress of their children and also to take constructive suggestions from them.

a)Interaction with the society:
Environment awareness Campaigns: To inculcate the environment awareness among children school has become a part of nation green crops and holds the related campaigns, ralleys, plantation drives etc.,
b)To elevate the human values:
Frequent visits to orphanages, old age homes, social welfare schools are being arranged and some festivals are celebrated with them to inculcate the values of charity sharing etc.,