Diwali celebrations @ Aditya G.Mamidada

We from Aditya School, G.Mamidada celebrated Diwali in our school premises to inculcate children about our tradition and culture. Children were very much excited to see the lights glowing all over the campus. On this  occassion Principal  Mr. V.Rajesh led the celebrations and told the children about the importance of this festival. Primary Telugu faculty Miss. Sowbhagya lakshmi told the reason and the benefits to celebrate  this festival.  Our Secondary English faculty Mr. Manikanta gave detailed speech about this festival and extensive measures to be followed while lighting the crackers. Finally our Secondary Physical science  faculty Mr. Venu Gopal explained  children about the physical/chemical  reactions that are included in the crackers to burn and formation of different colours when they glow. In the closing our primary students  followed by secondary students light up the crackers. All the students were excited to witness a grand Diwali celebrations in their school campus itself.

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