Children’s Day Celebrations @ G.Mamidada

We from Aditya School G. Mamidada conducted Children’s Day celebrations in a grand scale. In connection with Children’s Day we have conducted two sort of activities to children. One is Sports Events to enhance their physical abilities and second one is Academic activities to check and develop their mental skills and abilities. We have conducted several sports events and Story telling & Rhymes competition for LKG and UKG students for which we have invited parents to witness. As a part of Academic activity we have conducted Abacus quiz competition for I to V classes and Written and Oral Quiz competitions for VI to X classes. On the occasion children were very excited and delighted to see their friends performances in cultural activities. In the evening Chief Guest Sri D. DIWAKAR REDDY Founder Chairman GRSA Family Health Club of G.Mamidada brought more colour to the programme by distributing prizes to all the winners. Finally the programme closed by giving vote of thanks and presenting the memento to the guest.


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