The Principal of Aditya Degree College For Women,Kakinada said that NSS student volunteers of Kakinada Aditya Degree College For Women organized a rally on AIDS day. The rally started from Aditya Degree CollegeForWomen to PR Govt. College as per the orders of the Government a human chain was formed at Balaji cheruvu junction and slogans were shouted to create more awareness to people.

The Coordinator of Aditya PG&Degree Colleges,Sri.B.E.EV.L Naidu opined that the world should be devoid of AIDS as it is one of the worst diseases on the earth. He also said that due to small mistakes of human kind, this disease is taking a big leap and disturbing the career of youth. He also said that every citizen must know about the AIDS which related to the immunity level of the human body.

The Secretary of Aditya Educational Institutions Shri NK Deepak Reddy and the Director of Aditya Educational Institutions Smt. N. Suguna Reddy opined that more such awareness generation programmes regarding this life spoiling disease.

This programme was also joined by the NSSprogramme officers of Aditya Degree Colleges For Women, Kum.P.Lakshmi Bhuvana and Sri.M.Subrahamanyam and NSS Students of Aditya Degree College For Women joined the rally.

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