Flash Mob Dance for Aadit 2014 @ AGBS




Flash Mob Dance as a new dance genre, incorporating elements from previous modes of non-institutional theatrical and other forms of performance through online ethnography. Consisting of one-off collective dance events organised in public spaces through mobile phone and internet communication, it effectively reconfigures urban spaces by implementing diverse staging strategies. Through the creation of temporary performance sites, the flow of people and traffic is disrupted, creating potentially new forms of sociality, regardless of whether the performance has political, economic or other objectives. Organised in the ADITYA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SURAMPALEM on December 22, 2014 Monday by ADITYA GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL students led by N. SUGUANA REDDY Director of AGBS, this was an awareness program for AADIT (The highest peak) which aims to provide a beautiful program for all management students both for undergraduate and post graduate. As with most dance mobs, a sound announced the event. A scream rendered the sedate stadium, then 70 students for thousand students to take to the stage in what is described as a Bollywood style routine to rhythmic pop music. The spectacle ended with a multitude of ballet T shirts inscribed AADIT and AADIT logo and a banner is displayed all over the stadium. As with most contemporary flash mobs, this one was tightly orchestrated announcement were the kind of dancers and flash mobbers solicited for rehearsals: those who could teach the dance to others.

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