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Sankranthi Celebrations

Customs and traditions are unique to our Indian culture. Every festival has significant rituals which deput our heritage.

Traditional gaiety marked the “Sankranthi Celebrations” at “Aditya Amalapuram”.

The “Sankranthi Celebrations” started with the cooking of rice pongal, Bogi Pallu, were put on the tiny tots by the Principals and the Staff. Pretty girls danced around the Gobbillu singing songs. Many programmes like dances, skits, mimicry etc., were performed by the students very well. The bonfire Bogi mantalu was lit. Prabhalu were taken as a procession around the campus. Haridasu, Budabukkalavadu, Kommadasurivadu, Gangireddu, fortune tellers were the special attraction.

Competitions were held in various aspects like Rangoli Mutyala Muggulu had numerous girls enthusiastrically designed Kolams with attractive colours and things.

Traditional attire for girls Telugu Ammai for high school saw the girls decked in the finest semelleries and silks with ravishing looks. For boys and girls of traditional Telugu attire showed the girls and boys cute and smart. In kites and tops competitions boys displayed their expertise with the kites flying high. Prizes were distributed to the winners.

Keeping up the richness of our culture and customs, festival related showcased the three day festivals in their entirety. The programme was attended by parents and others. The entire programme was mesmerizing and appreciated by one and all.

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