Kakinada Aditya Degree College student excel in State level NSS Youth festival

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Kakinada Aditya Degree College student excel in State level NSS Youth festival

            Kakinada Aditya Degree College student excel in State level NSS youth festival. Giving this information the Academic Coordinator of Aditya Degree and PG Colleges Shri BEVL Naidu opined that apart from the service oriented programmes, the students of Aditya Degree College are doing well in the State level competitions too. He reminded of the recent success by the NSS student volunteers in Zonal and University level competitions. Aditya Degree College students excel in the competitions and reached up to the State level competitions and secured prize at State level also.

In the recently conducted University level competitions selected students were sent to the State level competition which was conducted at Anantapur on 12th and 13th February 2015. The student of Aditya Degree College Mr. V.S.V.V. Manikanta excels in the ‘Patriotic Poem’ competition and secured third prize. He was given with a memento and a Certificate for his fete through the hands of the Vice Chancellor of JNTU Prof K. Lal Kishore, the liaison officer Shri P. Ramachandra rao, the youth officer Shri R. Gokula Krishnan. The Adikavi Nannaya University NSS programme coordinator Dr. Kiranchandra appreciated the student.

The Secretary of Aditya Educational Institutions, Shri NK Deepak Reddy on this occasion congratulated the Mr. Manikanta and opined that NSS students are given a chance of participating in such competitions will certainly bring a great change in the attitude of the student volunteers. On this occasion he reminded of the recent service activities of NSS students where awareness was created on Swine flu among the commuters of Kakinada. He said students should be participating in both service and academic events in order to have questioning capabilities.

The Vice Principal of Aditya Degree College, Dr. Maniprakash and the NSS programme officers of Aditya Degree College Shri T. Tejeswara Rao and Shri L. Divakara Rao congratulated the prize winner.

Note: The certificate provided by the University is enclosed for reference.

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