8th Annual Day Celebrations @ Palakol Aditya

Aditya School, Palakol celebrated its 8th Annual Day colourfully and in grand scale. Sri S.Raghava Reddy, Director Aditya Educational Institutions presided the function. Principal Sri K.Sai Krishna, in his annual report mentioned about the achievements of Adityans in academics, in competitive exams, in sports and games and cultural activities. In addition to this he told about the new plans that the school is going to take up Sri Raghava Reddy in his speech stressed the importance of studying individually and independently which makes the students to think about what he is doing.Sri Deepak Reddy secretary, Aditya Educational Institutions advised the students to work hard for reaching their goal.Smt.Sruthi Reddy , Director of Aditya Educational Institutions spoke about the discipline and hard work. Smt Soumya Latha DSP of Narsapur advised the parents to make the children to mingle with number of people in the society. Sri N.Ramanaidu,  M.L.A. of Palakol advised the students to maintain discipline, dedication and devotion about their work. They must be ready to sacrifice something for achieving their goal. The principal concluded the meeting with vote of thanks. Later all the audience were fascinated by the various cultural programmes performed by the students.

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