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As per the changed situation in the Teaching & Learning process, it is important to notice that the main objective is not only to help the learners procure a pass in the examination, but also to help them acquire knowledge which they can use in their life. In order to achieve this goal a meticulous transaction process has been worked out in Aditya School, Srinagar,Kakinada. Many activities are being conducted for classes I to V that are connected with Term I Examination. The performance of the individual will be indicated with grades and they will be considered as the internal assessment. The schedule follows like this……….12345WP_20150901_10_04_52_Pro WP_20150901_10_03_38_Pro WP_20150901_09_54_45_Pro WP_20150901_09_54_10_Pro WP_20150901_09_53_34_Pro WP_20150901_09_51_57_Pro

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