Janmashtami Celebrations@ Aditya Srinagar

Krishnashtami Celebrations were held with great pomp and grandeur in Aditya Srinagar on 05th Sep 2015 amongst the students and their parents of Kindergarten. As a part of these celebrations the school conducted many competitions interlinking with the holy scripture Bhagavatham. Smt. N. Lakshmi Rajyam Secretary of Aditya group of institutions was the Chief Guest of the celebrations. The Directors of Aditya Educational Institutions Smt. N. Sruthi Reddy and Smt. N.Suguna Reddy were the special invitees of the celebrations. Under the able guidance of Smt. M.Ramani Principal of Aditya School, Srinagar, the students of Kindergarten dressed themselves in the costumes of Lord Krishna and Gopika. The whole campus echoed with the chants of Bhagavadgita Slokas by the primary students. The event of “Vutti striking” was a spectacular one of the celebrations. A special dance performed by the students adoring Sri Krishna, has spellbound the audience. The guide teachers of this children were appreciated by Smt. N.Sridevi Reddy, Vice principal of Aditya School. Later prizes were distributed for the winners of the competitions.ALI_8540ALI_8649 ALI_8650 ALI_8651 ALI_8655ALI_8558 ALI_8556ALI_8658ALI_8696 ALI_8700 ALI_8707 ALI_8710 ALI_8717 ALI_8759ALI_8784 ALI_8786 ALI_8796 ALI_8808 ALI_8815 ALI_8818

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