Aditya School, Narsapur Children’s Environmental Awareness Drive

           To create awareness among people about the use of Clay-Idols instead of Idols made of plaster of paris for “Vinayaka Chavithi”. Students of Aditya school organised environmental awareness drive in the town. As part of this campaign they went round the town in four batches  distributing Clay-Idols. They enlightened the public that plaster of paris contains Gypsum, Sulphor, Phosphorous and Magnesium, which cause health hazards like heart diseases, skin diseases and lungs cancer. They also explained that by immersion of such idols in water, the aquatic organisms in water get effected by the chemicals and water gets polluted. So not to use Colour Idols. The public appreciated the children for throwing light on the consequences caused by plaster of paris.

         The principal Smt. B.Supraja Rani encouraged their efforts and urged them to use clay – idols for Vinayaka Chavithi. Director Sri. S.V.Raghava Reddy appreciated students for their active participation in awareness campaign and conveyed “Ganesh Chaturthi” wishes to them.

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