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Our students of Aditya school, G.Mamidada took up an enlightening rally in the public to make them to know about the adverse effects of using Ganesh Idols that are made of plaster of Paris coloured with harmful chemicals. The rally was started by the principal sri V.Rajesh by a flag beckoning .The students distributed clay idols along with a pamphlet, telling the public to use only clay Idols instead of coloured idols and explained about the hazard that is being faced to the environment. In this rally all the government officials including Bank managers, business men are met by the students and had a talk.. To make this programme even more lively Mr.Venugopal ,Professor of Environmental science department, Rangaraya Medical college, Volunteered to teach the children making of Eco friendly clay ganesh Idols in which children have participated actively. Public appreciated the children and the school for their voluntary campaign.

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