Field trip by class II students to neighborhood places @ Aditya School, Narsapur

          Children of Aditya School, Narsapur have paid a visit to the important neighboring places such as the Post Office, the Banks and the Fire Station as part of their educational trip. Children went to the Post Office to have learnt about the process of sorting the letters, mails and money orders. Later they visited the Fire Station where they were shown the working of the fire extinguishers. They have come to know that the fire extinguishers contain Carbon-dioxide which controls flames. They have also visited both the State Bank and the Andhra Bank. They have learnt how the money transactions are carried on in the bank and the procedure for opening accounts, depositing and withdrawing money.

       The Principal Smt. B.Supraja Rani has appreciated the children’s thirst for learning and said that such trips would be both informative and enjoyable.









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