Wow ! The story listeners became  story tellers. The class III children of Aditya Srinagar narrated valuable moral stories individually in the Theme Talk, under the Theme, The values of life. They involved in the characters of the story in such away that spectators expressed  that they visualized the scenes of each story in their mind monitors. The style of their story telling was laudable. The picturesque narration of each lad was highly appreciated. They chose the three languages Telugu, Hindi & English to narrate the stories. The background setting of  each story was so attractive and awesome which has taken all the viewers into an enchanted world of stories. All the story tellers were given colourful certificates as a recognition of their amazing performance. The entire Theme Talk  was Chalked out by  the school Principal Smt. M. Ramani supported by the Vice Principal Smt. N. Sridevi Reddy.

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