“One needs to know that happiness means not the absence of sorrow but it is in the happiness of others lies one’s own.” Knowing this fact Aditya Srinagar students visited an old age home and organized a sightseeing for the oldaged to “GOSHALA” (Cow House) runs by Brahmasree Chaganti Koteswarao garu. They went round the Goshala with the support of the students and spent their time serenely in the spiritual atmosphere. Students of X G1 have donated money for the feeding of cows which are sheltered and protected in the Goshala.  After the visit the students arranged snacks for the old people and escorted them  carefully to their home The entire program was supported by   Dr. Syamala, a social activist & devotee of Satya Sai. Principal Smt. M. Ramani. said that such type of activities inculcate the feeling of humanity in the students and it helps them to know the  universal truths of life The Love and affectionate nature of the young Adityans towards the old people was appreciated by the Director Smt.N. Shruthi Reddy.

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