Students of Aditya School, Narsapur have taken an environmental drive for this Vinayaka Chavithi. They went round the city distributing clay idols. They enlightened the people about the consequences of the idols made of plaster of Paris. They raised voice against the usage of those idols as they cause health hazards both for human beings and acquatic animals. The use of plaster of Paris which contain very poisonous chemicals like gypsum, sulphor, Magnesium, Zinc Oxides, Carbon and many other chemicals affects the environment to a great extent. Because of these chemicals, dangerous diseases like cancer, lungs problems, eye – diseases and skin rashes will break out.

The administress Smt. B.Supraja Rani poured encomiums on the students for their fruitful  endeavour and for their concern towards environment. She also advised them to keep up the  healthy atmosphere.

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