Christmas eve glorified@aditya school,G.Mamidada

A day in advance the Adityans had the festive celebrations on a pleasant evening. The occasion filled the gathering in lots of joy & happiness. It seemed all the divine blessings showered on each and every one. The entire environment of the school changed festive and holy with the songs and prayers of the children and the teachers. Skits and choreography performances that gave divine messages are really fascinating. Santaclaus has given gifts to the lucky members from each class and later some other gifts were given by the santaclaus  to each of the child . The sharing of happiness is symbolised by a cake cutting hence the happiness shared among all. Principal Mr.V.Rajesh addressed the students that ‘Christianity is a path to heaven and good thoughts’ later it was followed by Y.Raj kumars message saying that we should accept our sin in front of the god and be loyal to him and live error free life… finally the programme wound up by a vote of thanks by A.Rajkumar.

IMG_20161224_153718 IMG_20161224_153954 IMG_20161224_155457 IMG_20161224_161054 IMG_20161224_161544 IMG_20161224_161915 IMG_20161224_162125 IMG_20161224_162217 IMG_20161224_162332 IMG_20161224_162410 IMG_20161224_162757 IMG_20161224_163138 IMG_20161224_164018 IMG_20161224_165618 IMG_20161224_171434 IMG_20161224_171909


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